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Personal Soaring Challenge Program

 The Basic Soaring Challenge

    This is a series of flight tasks that demonstrating basic flying skills in each of four RC flight disciplines; Thermal Soaring, Electric Soaring, HLG/DLG Soaring and Slope Soaring.  New members may attempt all four or they can concentrate on the level that they are most interested in.
     It is strongly recommended that new club members complete the Basic Challenge or have completed the MAAC’s Wings Level A.

The Personal Soaring Challenge

    The program was developed for those RC pilots who do not want to fly in contests but still want to advance their flying skills. This is a series of flight tasks, in four RC flight disciplines; Thermal Soaring, Electric Soaring, HLG/DLG Soaring and Slope Soaring, that will challenge fliers from the novice level to the advanced level.
    Each of the four disciplines has three levels of achievement, from basic to advanced. There is a fifth level called All Round Challenge. This incorporates elements from all four disciplines and may take up to one flying year to complete.


    Each discipline has a worksheet with the list of tasks that are required and a set of instructions. The documents have areas where the pilot and witness can sign off on each task. You will be awarded a lapel pin and a certificate of achievement for your hard work.
     Witnesses can be anyone that has reached the age of majority and do not have to be MAAC MEN members.
     The sheets can be downloaded from http://www.maacmen.org/. The sheets are available from MAAC MEN secretary, Soaring Challenge Program Coordinator.
     Once the sheet has been completed it is to be returned to the Soaring Challenge Program Coordinator with your fee for each level you complete, or any of the club executive.  There is a $5.00 fee for each level you complete. (Thermal Star Level 1  $5.00) this fee is cover costs of mailing and award pins.)

Program Coordinator: Ken Stewart,
329 Bedson Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3K 1R2. 
Email: ken.stewart@mts.net

PDF Files:

Thermal Basic Flight Program HLG/DLG Bronze, Silver & Gold Thermal Star Level 1-3 Electric Star Level 1-3

Slope Star Level 1-3

All Around Task Sheet  

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