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About RC Glider Flying

RC Gliders are a quiet alternative to powered flying; silence is golden!

    Gliders are launched up into the air with a “High Start” which is a length of surgical tubing with a line attached to one end. One end of the high start is staked into the ground and then stretched out 70 to 100 paces to the tow hook on the bottom of the glider. The glider is thrown into the wind and kited up to achieve maximum height. Once achieved the glider is released to fly in rising air currents called thermals. These thermals take the glider to amazing heights without a motor.

    Gliders are made from kits or scratch built from plans. They come in wingspans ranging from a small 40” to the very large 170”. The average entry level glider is usually 2 meters or 78” in wingspan and uses a two channel operation to control the rudder for turning and the elevator for pitching the glider up or down.  The average cost of a basic glider is about $250 with a radio and a kit.

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